Knee Pain Affects Millions of People in America, Seriously Impacting Quality of Life

Woman sitting on a couch with her hands placed above her knee and on her shin showing a graphic knee with a pain point representing knee pain that can be treated at Absolute Integrated Health Center.

Are you or someone you know experiencing knee pain or osteoarthritis? Unfortunately, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that millions of Americans deal with this on a daily basis. But here’s the good news: surgery isn’t always necessary for treatment.

At Absolute Integrated Health, we focus on using less invasive methods to treat knee injuries and pain. By implementing rest and rehabilitation techniques, we strive to keep patients out of the operating room for as long as possible while achieving optimal results. So let’s work together to find the best treatment plan for you and get you back to living your life to the fullest.

Fast Facts About Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Knee pain and symptomatic knee osteoarthritis approximately doubled in women and tripled in men over a 20-year period.

1 in 4

One in four adults suffers from chronic knee pain, with the most common type being arthritis.

Modern Non-Surgical Knee Pain Treatments Available

Do you find yourself struggling with clinical knee pain and osteoarthritis daily? You’re not alone – millions of Americans are in the same boat. While it’s true that some specialists may recommend a total knee replacement as the only solution, we’re here to let you know that there are other options available.

Man struggling to go down the stairs due to knee pain.

Suppose you’re experiencing symptoms such as significant swelling, redness, tenderness, and warmth around the joint, as well as significant pain and fever. In that case, our specialist can assist you in finding a comprehensive treatment plan that will work best for you. So don’t wait any longer to seek the help you need – relief is possible!

Why Choose Absolute Integrated Health?

Do you suffer from knee pain caused by osteoarthritis or bone-on-bone? We understand how debilitating and frustrating it can be to have limited mobility and chronic discomfort. That’s why we’re excited to share our Proven and Patented Non-Surgical Knee Pain Protocol at Absolute Integrated Health Center.

Our state-of-the-art knee pain relief protocol has documented success rates above 90% and is covered by Medicare and insurance. Best of all, it’s non-surgical and non-invasive, so you can return to all the activities you love without the downtime of traditional knee surgeries. So don’t suffer in silence any longer – choose Absolute Integrated Health for effective and reliable knee pain relief.

Commonly Asked Questions About Knee Pain

While each case is unique, various non-surgical options exist for treating knee pain. To increase flexibility and joint support, rehabilitative exercise regimens can strengthen and stretch your knee joint muscles and soft tissues. Bracing, infusions, injectables, and various additional therapies are also available to help you get back to enjoying an active life!

Start living your best life, free from the shackles of clinical knee pain. Contact Absolute Integrated Health today for a free consultation!