Make pain an issue of the past. Start working on your health today.

Absolute Integrated Health is a physical health center with two locations in Plainfield and Romeoville. AIH provide’s pain management, physical therapy, chiropractic care, soft tissue therapy, allergy testing and immunotherapy, and a variety of other wellness solutions.


AIH is your full-service physical medicine center with two operating locations. Above all, we strive to alleviate our patients’ pain and inflammation in order to get them back to living their lives.

AIH focuses on an array of rehabilitation exercises and therapeutic techniques that maximize the recovery of the body. Absolute Integrated Health has been servicing our communities since early 2000. Our patients enjoy the most pleasant environment when they walk into our facilities. From the time they are greeted by our communications team to the time their session concludes with our renowned healthcare professionals, they feel at ease.

AIH not only offers you a multitude of services that address all of your pain issues, but commits to you the treatment and hospitality you deserve as a highly valued patient.

Health Center Hours

Monday – Thursday: 9am-12pm/3pm-6:30pm

Friday: 9am-12pm

The Benefits of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Physical medicine aims to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life with limited to no medication or surgery. Once a patient is on the road to medical recovery, they are provided a cohesive treatment plan. The plan can contain pain management, physical therapy, chiropractic care, allergy testing and immunotherapy, regenerative medicine, or a variety of other wellness solutions. Because the AIH team collaborates thoroughly to create a unique all-inclusive strategy, the patient does not need to waste time looking for different professionals to address each step of the process. 

Plainfield Health Center Location

Romeoville Health Center Location