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Absolute Integrated Health is a physical health business with a Romeoville health center focused on providing physical therapy and physical medicine.

Romeoville Health Center

Choosing a knowledgeable and patient-friendly Romeoville health center is an important decision to make. It is our belief that educating our patients is a very important part of the success we see in our office.

Our health center is a fully expansive facility amassing top of the line therapeutic equipment, soft tissue stations, and consultation rooms. Our staff are trained in a variety of therapeutic techniques and concentrations to better assist each patient with their unique treatment plan. Our patients are treated with exceptional hospitality and support throughout their time with us. A list of insurance network carriers is provided as well as specific plans that we work with.


Health Center Hours

Monday 9am-12pm/3pm-6:30pm

Tuesday  9am-12pm/3pm-6:30pm

Wednesday 9am-12pm/3pm-6:30pm

Thursday 9am-12pm/3pm-6:30pm

Friday 9am-12pm

Saturday Closed

What to Expect out of a Physical Medicine Center

Our patients can expect from The AIH team to thoroughly research the problems each individual patient exhibits. Each treatment plan is comprised of several focuses merged into one fully integrated strategy. Throughout the treatment process, AIH will assess the progression of our patients as well as reassess treatment to combat any regression in patient health. Upon your first session and every-time thereafter you are apart of the AIH family. We are committed to your successful recovery and continued well-being. Absolute Integrated Health is here for our patients in every capacity.

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