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Physical Therapy

Overview of Physical Therapy

There are a multitude of reasons to seek out physical therapy. Maybe you’ve dealt with pain, tenderness, or limited mobility for a while. Physical therapy is also a great way to avoid surgery by finding other ways to alleviate the issues that stem from the root of the problem. Physical therapists assess your needs and guide your therapy so that you can recover as well as physically possible.

Physical therapists, furthermore, perform hands-on treatments for your symptoms. In addition, they also teach you special exercises to help you move and function better during your day to day life.

The AIH Integrated Approach

Here at AIH, the patient meets with a licensed physical therapist. Our physical therapists have the tools, knowledge, and experience to work with a variety of patient needs. As a result, the doctors can hone in on the cause of their physical issues and lay out a treatment plan. We perform a hands-on, one on one approach with the patient to progress and treat problem areas.

Upon the initial session with your physical therapist, they will examine and assess your needs. You’ll be asked questions about your pain and other symptoms, your ability to move around and perform everyday tasks, your medical history, and other various related questions.

Next, the physical therapist will perform tests with you to measure certain things. Testing on your mobility; how well you can move around, reach, bend, and stretch. For this reason, you’ll also be tested on your posture and balance. Specifically, these assessments test the strength of certain muscles.

Soon after your problem area has been diagnosed, your physical therapist will work with you on creating a treatment plan. Specifically, your treatment plan will include specific workouts personalized to address your needs. The plan will also include personal goals such as feeling better, improved functionality, and reduced pain and inflammation in the target areas.

Physical therapy will often look different for each individual patient, depending on their needs. Although unique, your treatments might include:

  • Machine exercises to strengthen muscles
  • Exercises or stretches guided by your therapist to increase movement and mobility
  • Adjustments to help relieve pain and spasms

Your therapist will watch your progress and adjust your treatments accordingly.

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Benefits of Physical Therapy

There is an abundance of benefits to physical therapy.

For instance:

  • Improved posture
  • Better mobility and movement
  • Improved coordination
  • Relieve pain
  • Prevent disability or surgery
  • Increased awareness of body
  • Balance and strengthen muscles
  • Corrected overcompensation of other muscles

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