Have you ever considered chiropractic care for pregnancy, shoulder pain, back discomfort, or any other unexplainable ailments?

Added Stress as Pregnancy Progresses

Throughout the pregnancy, the mother and child gain weight. This, in turn, adds to the stress on the lower back and increases the lordotic curvature of the lower back. If the patient has a history of lower back problems, there is a good chance that the pregnancy will aggravate the condition. This tends to lead to difficulty in performing daily routines. Small tasks such as dressing and/or working can create complications during labor.

Shoulder Pain Assessment

Due to the wide range of potential causes, shoulder pain or abnormal range of motion can develop gradually or happen acutely. Since your shoulder is used in everyday activity, any injury to the area should be taken seriously and treated promptly and appropriately. Even minor injuries can worsen and should be treated early to help prevent progression. Additionally, some symptoms of a shoulder injury are more pronounced than others. Any issues with the shoulder should be monitored carefully.

Disc Injury Diagnosis

If you are diagnosed with a protruding disc, the diagnosis means that the gel has pushed out or is bulging due to injury. This generally means it is asymmetrical in different places. This may result in pinching and irritation of the nerve roots at that point, with varying levels of pain. A herniated disc happens when the disc material ruptures to the point that the gel pushes in an outward position. This can also cause severe pain and numbness due to the irritation of the nerves. It can be very serious in many cases.

Chiropractic May Help During Child Development

Chiropractic care may be helpful for your child’s development. After development and birth, children are faced with the developmental challenges of crawling and walking. While children are learning to overcome these challenges, they are also going through a significant amount of straining, twisting, and falling.

While growth continues and the child reaches the age where they play with pets, friends, and family, they can begin to develop bad posture. Once they start playing contact sports, wearing heavier backpacks and dealing with the stress of daily responsibilities, the trauma will persist. Moreover, as children become teenagers and high school graduates, they join the workforce, which could place more of a strain on them depending on their chosen field.