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Our COMPLIMENTARY consultations are guaranteed at BOTH of our locations!

Absolute Integrated Health is a physical health business with two locations in Plainfield and Romeoville that provide physical therapy and physical medicine.

Chiropractic Exam

Hello and welcome to Absolute Integrated Health where we are focused on getting you back to your best life. Many believe that you have to pay for your chiropractic exam on the first visit. AIH believes in establishing a plan and build trust before you become a patient. We are so dedicated to your recovery that we are providing you with a COMPLIMENTARY chiropractic exam. No charge to you for coming in and taking the necessary steps to improve your everyday health! During your chiropractic exam, we provide x-rays, conduct a thorough report of findings, verify your insurance, and then conclude your session with hydromassage.

Report of Findings

Upon the completion and examination of your x-rays, you will get to sit down with one of our doctors and go through a thorough report of findings. Then, we will discuss the curvature of your spine, position of your alignment, and any displacements between the discs. A displacement is a herniation between the discs in the spine. An important fact to note is that the average person has 5-8 displacements and we work to reduce that number in each patient.

The initial assessment and x-rays can illuminate minor problems like this. In addition, they also expose the underlying problems that are straining your body and causing pain. Since the spinal cord controls all functions within the body, if something is misaligned in the spinal column problems can arise in other areas as well, such as; asthma, allergies, ear infections, arthritis, digestive issues, and many other symptoms or conditions.

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Each patient has a unique injury and therefore has a unique recovery plan. As part of the consultation, we do not adjust on the first visit. It is important that we are as thorough as possible during your initial chiropractic exam. We strive to make your recovery with us as efficient and beneficial to you as possible. That is why we get to know you, know your body, and commit to your recovery path first.

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