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About Absolute Integrated Health

The Absolute Integrated Health Mission

At Absolute Integrated Health we help our patients get better as fast as possible. By utilizing a combination of the services we offer to treat each patents’ pain we can speed up the recovery time. Most importantly, we implement a thorough assessment with careful planning to create the best-individualized plan possible for our patients. Because we have expertise in so many different areas of physical medicine our patients get the best overall treatment.

How Physical Medicine can Help with Pain

Patients may endure pain in various areas of the body. Common ailments are shooting pain in the arm or radiating pain down the leg. Utilizing physical medicine allows us to conduct nerve tests, implement physical therapy, or adjust the spine to take pressure off of the nerves. Our instrument-assisted soft tissue technique relaxes the muscles coupled with trigger point injections that reduce the size of the painful areas. In addition, these services, along with others, in various combination reduce the amount of time it takes to recover. This progressive planning has been proven to be more effective than traditional chiropractic and even traditional medicine, in particular.

Our Therapeutic Services


The AIH Culture

From the time a patient enters the clinic to the time they leave they are welcomed into an inviting and hospitable environment. Patients are greeted regularly by our staff all in the hopes of making your time with AIH beneficial. Above all, we focus on making your time with us as easy as possible. Whether it is providing a cold cup of water or a small snack to get you going, we aspire to put you in the best frame of mind before, during and after you leave Absolute Integrated Health. You will feel right at home with us as a result. Welcome to an environment full of support that surrounds you with friendly professionals that want to see you get better.