Allergies & Inflammation Testing

Allergies are triggered by a variety of allergens that can be found in the environment that surrounds us. To begin to understand allergies, it is imperative to have knowledge of what their fundamental cause is.

Through a simple blood test, we can identify foods and/or environmental allergies that may be causing symptoms such as pain, chronic inflammation, and general lethargy. Also, we offer another form of testing that is conducted on the arm through a series of little pokes on the surface of the skin. This testing is designed to measure inflammation that might develop from various sources.

Overview of Services

Once the allergen has been identified, we can begin creating a personalized and effective course of action. Then, we lay out a plan on how to deter negative outcomes. With food, it is rather simple. We encourage the use of an elimination diet to lower overall inflammation within the body. Moreover, with environmental sources, we go about the process differently. Our office offers immunotherapy based off of your serum response. This will allow you to build up your immunity to handle the particular environmental factor that is affecting you negatively. Over a period of time, your body will be able to better handle the sensitivity to said factor.


The biggest benefit of these services is awareness and identification. Once you are aware of these sensitivities to certain allergens that you may not have realized were hidden under the surface, you will better understand how to manage your reactions to them and reduce the occurrence of chronic inflammation. As well as this result, you can expedite your healing process by identifying problems that may have been hindering your recovery without awareness.