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Clean up with a little waxing!


Looking to clear up some areas on your body? We are happy to help out! Waxing is an intricet and gradual process. We take extreme care when removing each strip. This way you can remain as comfortable as possible during your time with us. However, you may not be certain on where to start. First, let’s gather some valuable insights before we begin. Take a look at our vast selection of specialities so you can have a better idea of what you are looking for ⬇️


Shape and define your eyebrows!

Full Face

Reduce the growth of your hair follicles.


A refreshing experience that gets you ready the summer and bikini season!

Brazilian (Females Only)

Time for everything to go!


No more annoying little hairs!


Smooth things up for a special occassion!


Do not waste time shaving!


Time to start over with a clean slate. Great for staying cool in the summer!


  • Eyebrows —  $18
  • Upper Lip — $15
  • Chin — $15
  • Full Face — $45
  • Under Arms — $25
  • Half Arm —  $30
  • Full Arm —  $40-$45
  • Bikini — $38-$45
  • Brazilian — $60-$75
  • Half Leg — $40
  • Full Leg — $75-$95
  • Chest —  $45
  • Back —  $50-$60
  • Lower Back — $25
  • Fingers — $7
  • Toes — $7

Get Back to Your Best Life!

Waxing gets you more in touch with your body. Remove that unwanted hair so you can feel smoother skin. Avoid the rough stubble through shaving. Most importantly, feel great in your own skin!

Your physical health is connected to your mental health. Relieve your stresses during the month by visiting Absolute Integrated Med Spa!

Waxing is a progressive step beyond shaving and we know that. It can seem like you are taking a leap of faith when opting to wax. However, we are here to answer any and all questions you may have. With that in mind, do not hesitate to ask your questions! Let us know what you want!