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Meet the Staff at Absolute Integrated Health – Romeoville


Get to know the very professionals that will be assisting you during the process!

Jen Johnson - Front Desk / Assistant Manager

Jen received her EMT license at the Romeoville Fire Academy. Her training was fast-paced and hands-on which was an exciting and preferred aspect for her. Much of her training has actually prepared her for the responsibilities she has here at AIH. 

Jen began working at AIH in September of 2017. Jen is the Office Manager of the Romeoville location and is responsible for scheduling team members and patient appointments. She also assists the doctors with transitions between patients and setting up exams, while also handling all communications that come in and out of the facility. 

Jen’s favorite part of working here at AIH is that she is able to witness the progression of patients through their treatment and see their transformation as they get better in the program. She says as their pain diminishes patients are noticeably happier and more outgoing. She is excited to see them regain their health and get their life back!

Marissa Pulido - Soft-Tissue Technician

Marissa is currently attending College of DuPage where she is pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Marissa really values learning about other people’s culture and traditions because the viewpoints of others to her is really fascinating. 

Marissa first came to AIH as a patient and over the course of her treatment developed a connection with the staff and was offered a position back in August of 2017. 

Marissa works as an assistant to the doctors with adjustments, assists patients with their rehab assignments, and works as a Soft-Tissue Technician as well. Marissa’s favorite thing about her experience at AIH has been working with her coworkers and helping patients recover from their ailments. 

Stephanie Ramos - Soft Tissue Technician

Stephanie is attending Joliet Junior College where she is majoring in Micro-Biology and pursuing Pre-Med to become a doctor. She is excited to be learning more about her field and happy to have the opportunity to do more hands-on activities. 

Stephanie began working at AIH in February of 2018. She is currently a Soft-Tissue Technician focused on identifying trigger points and breaking down painful scar tissue.

Stephanie’s favorite thing about working at AIH is the atmosphere within the clinic. Team members have a strong focus on helping patients get better but also have fun in the process. The atmosphere really uplifts the spirits of not only the patients they work with but the entire facility as well. 

Melanie Houlihan - Soft-Tissue Technician

Melanie will be continuing her education in the Spring at St. Francis University to pursue her Bachelors Degree in Recreation Management. Melanie always tries to stay involved in communities she is a part of. She interns regularly for park districts and has even had a helping hand in the Special Olympics organization. 

Melanie began working at AIH in May of 2018. As a Soft-Tissue Technician, Melanie focuses on trigger pointing the knots in patients muscles. Breaking down the tissue is an important prerequisite to getting an adjustment!

Melanie says her favorite part about working at AIH is getting to talk with the patients and learn more about them. The most rewarding part of it is she simultaneously is helping them get better!

Anne Groos - Soft-Tissue Technician/Allergy Tech.

Bio Coming Soon!

Melissa Sabatin - Nurse Practitioner

Melissa earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing at Lakeview College of Nursing and then enrolled at Olivet Nazarene University where she received her degree as a Nurse Practitioner. Melissa says the experience was very rewarding, however, also very challenging. She had recently been married while also starting a family with her two sons. 

Melissa began working at AIH in July of 2018. Melissa also works at the University of Chicago’s Comer Children’s Hospital as part of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. At AIH Melissa conducts many trigger point injections, as well as the fluoroscopy-guided knee injections and Vitamin B injections. Additionally, Melissa will sit down and discuss treatment options with new patients. 

Melissa really loves the environment around AIH. She believes that because the focus is vastly different from her prior experiences, she can continue to learn new things from a holistic perspective that may not have been explored in her vocation previously.