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Rehab Therapy

Overview of Rehab Therapy

Rehab Therapy compliments chiropractic adjustments and helps stabilize joints and strengthen the area of focus. Rehab Therapy allows patients to hold the adjustment better, and to continue better healing of the body by stabilizing the diagnosed area. Without rehabbing the area, the adjustment is likely to slip because there is nothing holding it in place. Let’s use an analogy here. Adjustments are like the meat of a sandwich, and rehab therapy is like the bread. Rehabilitation holds the meat in place and enhances the overall experience and outcome tenfold.

Rehab Therapy differs slightly from Physical Therapy in that it doesn’t necessarily need to be performed by a licensed Physical Therapist. These exercises and techniques are designed to be easily performed by the patients themselves after an initial demonstration. They are done generally quickly, efficiently and are a very effective way of supplementing an adjustment without exhausting a huge amount of time or energy.

Benefits of Rehab Therapy

As before-mentioned, a lot of the benefits of the service fall under the ultimate goal of healing the body to the highest attainable degree. Strengthening and stabilizing the joints is the primary goal of rehab therapy, and these quick exercises and techniques are very beneficial in the long run so that you don’t hinder your progression.

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