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Overview of Neuropathy

Neuropathy is a condition which can be defined as a disease of a nerve. The majority of the time, neuropathy will manifest in the feet or the hands, although it can affect other areas of the body. Often times people afflicted by neuropathy will describe the feeling as walking on glass or pins and needles, or that there is no sensation at all.

Here at AIH, we take a multi-faceted approach towards treating neuropathy. Our goal is to get to the cause, or root, of the problem and work from the inside out. We use various therapies together, as well as dietary intervention to help promote blood flow to the afflicted area and help the nerve to heal. We want to approach treatment with as many different techniques as possible so that we have the highest chance of success in restoring the nerve to health.

A lot of times, neuropathy can develop from previous medical conditions or treatments. Because of this, we focus on using external agents to help treat your neuropathy. Our focus is on using non-invasive tactics to help treat the condition so that we keep the body from being introduced to anything toxic. We don’t want to mask the condition and its symptoms. We want to help revitalize the nerve through blood flow and allow the chance for it to heal.

Benefits of Neuropathy

A lot of times, neuropathy can cast a huge toll on a person, both physically and financially. Treatment can often create a big hole in a person’s pocket. Besides the financial aspect, there is often excruciating pain from everyday activities, such as walking, that people suffering from neuropathy encounter before losing sensation completely.

With our services, we want to lessen those burdens for our patients. Our treatment can help limit the pain from neuropathy, mentally, physically, and financially.

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