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Health Care Professionals of Absolute Integrated Health SC

Meet Dr. Jim Nakis, D.C. - Owner

Dr. James Nakis attended Northern Illinois University for his undergrad then went on to attend well-renowned Life University, where he received his Doctorate.

Dr. Nakis says his time during school was rigorous. He was intensely challenged, however, he was determined to earn his degree so he dedicated his time to effectively learning everything he needed to know. This has transitioned him into devoting his professional life toward physical medicine and the science behind it. 

Dr. Nakis started Absolute Integrated Health back in 2000. AIH has grown not only in size but also in value to their patients. The company that began as a clinic focusing on chiropractic care has developed into a full-service physical medicine facility offering a multitude of different therapeutic services and progressive health solutions to combat pain.

Dr. Nakis works to eliminate the pain inflicted on his patients by not only therapy but education as well. He wants his patients to receive the insight they need to improve their health that extends beyond coming into the clinic. Most importantly Dr. Nakis treats his patients like family. By treating them with respect and making their recovery educational, as well as enjoyable, patients receive the best care imaginable.

Meet Dr. Leon Huddleston, M.D. - Medical Director

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Meet Dr. Dylan Reid, D.C. - Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Dylan Reid completed his Bachelors of Science in Biology at Illinois State University before attending Logan College of Chiropractic. Dr. Reid always had an interest in becoming either a dentist or chiropractor. However, after experiencing a harmful rib injury playing football in high school, he went to see his family chiropractor. After a few sessions, he was back on the field. He knew after that he wanted to pursue Chiropractic. 

Dr. Reid began working at AIH right after he graduated in 2015. Dr. Reid is motivated to help his patients become not only pain-free but healthier and more knowledgeable. This approach educated patients to make informed decisions and become independent during their recovery. This way they can start to enjoy their lives to the fullest again and not have to battle progressive pain in their bodies. 


Meet Dr. James Nabzdyk, D.C. - Plainfield Clinic Director

Dr. James Nabzdyk earned his Bachelors of Science in Biology with a focus in Nutritional Studies at Northern Illinois University and afterward completed his Doctorate at National University of Health Sciences.

He began working at Absolute Integrated Health in February of 2016. Dr. James when working with his patients wants them to know that they really care about their well-being and to see them progress in their recovery.

What AIH values is taking an active approach in their patients’ health care and not being passive. Dr. Nabzdyk is here to not administer treatments but engage and educate his patients along the road to recovery.


Meet Dr. Troy Tann - Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Tann attended the University of Michigan where he completed his Bachelors of Science in Nursing. After working for a short time he went back to school at National University of Chiropractic and received his doctorate. Dr. Tann says his favorite moments are when patients realize that they can still live the active lifestyle that they want despite experiencing an injury. 

Troy began working at AIH in April of 2018. What he hopes to accomplish with his patients is to educate them on why certain injuries of theirs may occur and also give them insights on to what they can do to be proactive in preventing these common injuries from resurfacing, thus giving them back precious time to continue living the lives they want, uninterrupted.