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Five Great Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps people of all ages. Physical therapists customize treatments specialized to their patients to meet their needs and their goals. Working together with your physical therapist can help you return to prior levels of functioning, comfortability, and prevent further injuries or stress on your joints and muscles. Although not limited to, we’ve listed out five of the most common benefits of physical therapy.

1. Reduce or eliminate pain. 

Possibly the reason most people seek out physical therapy is to reduce or eliminate pain. Adjustments, joint, and soft tissue mobilization, and hydro massages are all techniques used by physical therapists to help relieve pain and restore muscle and joint function to relieve pain.

2. Avoiding surgery.

Often times, physical therapy can be an effective substitute for surgery. Physical therapy can help stabilize your joints, such as your knee, and reduce pain and inflammation. Sometimes surgery is necessary, but trying physical therapy before resorting to surgery can often reveal that surgery may not be needed.

3. Improving mobility.

Another reason people often seek out physical therapy is to improve their mobility. If you’re having problems standing, moving around, or doing simple everyday tasks, physical therapy can help. Stretching and strengthening exercises help restore your ability to move and bend. Physical therapists can also provide assistive devices to help your mobility. Customizing a plan for an individual geared towards their goals can help an individual adapt and progress every day through physical therapy.

4. Improve your balance.

Physical therapy can help you improve your balance with exercises aimed at focusing on coordination and strengthening. If you’re a high risk of falling, physical therapists can provide exercises that safely and carefully challenge your balance, mimicking situations you might find yourself in where balance and stability are key.

5. Recover from or prevent a sports injury.

All athletes are prime candidates for physical therapy. Physical therapists understand how different sports can increase your risks for certain types of injuries. They can design appropriate and targeted recovery or prevention exercises for you and your sports-related needs.

Above are just some of, but not all, of the benefits of trying physical therapy. If any of the above apply to you, or you’re interested in learning any more, reach out to Absolute Integrated Health to schedule a consultation.

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